How To Steam Clothes

First, prepare the steamer

Fill the water compartment of the best steamer with water. Inspect to ensure that all other steamer parts are well sealed, as water can leak from them.

Connect the steamer to the electricity socket for the current to run through for about 2-3 minutes in order to heat up well for a proper steaming. To be sure it is steaming well, press the button at the handle to see if it releases a lot of steam.

Hang the clothes to be steamed

There are many forms of steaming garments, either upright or when they are laid on a pad. It will be much easier to steam clothes while they are hanged upright on a hanging pole. Before steaming, make sure the clothes are hanged on hangers then placed at a rod or anywhere that will be comfortable.

Begin steaming the clothes

Start steaming the clothes by running the steamer from the top of the garment downwards. This movement should be in downward strokes that are always along the garment. Meanwhile while steaming, press the button at the handle to release the steam onto the garment.

  • When steaming wrinkled clothes, it is advisable to do it from the inside of the cloth. This is because the garment will exert some weight on the steam released and thus removing wrinkles faster.
  • You can decide to use a handheld pad to act as steaming surface for clothes. The pad is ideal for steaming heavy or wrinkled clothes.
  • If you are steaming garments like ruffles which have embellishments, always remember to hold the steamer at a distance of 1-2 inches away from the garment.

Allow the cloth to dry

When done steaming, the cloth will be sort of damp. Leave the cloth for about 10-15 minutes for it to get dry from the water patches and steam before folding it and keeping it in the wardrobe.

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